At Smarties, we encourage all children in a way that is best suited to their individuality. Your child will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities within the nursery, including:

  • Creative Play – providing opportunities to evidence curiosity and improve confidence. Painting, modelling, drawing, cutting and sticking will all be available for your child to explore their creative mind. 
  • Water Play – developing your child’s understanding of space and movement, exploring colours in the water and playing with toys in the water area. Exploring sensory play. 
  • Sand Play – your child will get to experience both wet and dry sand and explore their creativity through engaging in sensory play with various toys and tools in the sand. 
  • Music, Singing and Dancing – great for your child’s physical development, using their bodies and language to develop. Children can enjoy these activities with the other nursery children, creating strong friendships. 
  • Intellectual Play – this is provided through puzzles, books, board games and jigsaws. Your child can learn with words, numbers, shapes and letters. Further to this, classical music will be played to stimulate your child’s brain. 
  • Physical Play – development is enhanced through playing with jigsaws, constructing Lego, modelling clay and riding trikes. Their gross motor skills will be developed through group games, strengthening their social skills. 
  • Small World Play – intellectual, language, emotional and social development will occur through playing with dolls houses, small figures, cars and farm sets. 
  • Domestic Play – being able to use the small, home-like setting to encourage empathy in your child. Dolls, dress up and real-life, child-friendly settings to play in, will allow your child to learn about life by acting it out in play.
  • Role-Play – your child will be able to use their imagination to intellectually and socially develop. A range of dress-up clothes and accessories will be available for your child to see life from different points of view through taking on various personas. 
  • Outdoor Play – outdoor play will occur every day and children will be able to grow their own vegetables, cycle around, play in the mud kitchen, and play group games.