Our menus are carefully planned to meet nutritional guidelines and to provide a healthy and balanced diet for 0-5 year olds. It is freshly prepared each day with high quality ingredients which will give your child all the energy they need for a busy day of play, learning and development.

Meal times at Smarties will be about more than simply eating. Good table manners, hygiene and etiquette are fostered from an early age and every opportunity is used to promote learning about healthy eating.  

Children have up to three meals during their nursery day, depending upon the times they arrive and leave. Drinks and healthy snacks are also served during the day. A sample menu can be seen below:


A selection of cereal with milk or wholemeal toast with a selection of spreads

Mid-morning Snack:

Cheese and crackers with fresh fruit 


Homemade cottage pie with vegetables
Rice pudding

Afternoon Snack:

Selection of fresh vegetables with breadsticks

Afternoon Tea:

Tortilla wraps with mixed salad and fillings
Fruit yoghurt

There will be a selection of homemade baby foods available for under 1’s.

There will always be a vegetarian alternative. Parent/carer must provide the nursery with the full information regarding any allergies or medical conditions so that we can meet the needs of each individual.