Settling In

“I was impressed that when we came for my daughter’s induction, everyone knew her name and what she had been like when we looked around a few months previously. The staff cared about her from day one.”

At Smarties we recognise how important a smooth and comfortable transition from being at home to life at nursery is for young children and their families. For us to best support this transition we offer free settling in sessions.

These sessions usually take place the week before a child is due to start at Smarties, to promote consistency and allow the child to become familiar with their new surroundings and environment. It is also a great opportunity for families to meet the staff team and other children.

We recommend at least three settling in sessions, however more or less can be provided depending what works best for each child and their families. We recognise each child as a unique individual therefore we will always cater to individual needs.

The first settling in session provides a perfect opportunity for parents and carers to come into nursery, meet the team who will be caring for their child and to give them an overview of their child’s likes and dislikes, abilities and inform us of any allergies or dietary needs.

The second settling in session is generally when parents and carers can leave their child to stay and play with us, again these sessions are tailored to what works best for each family.

On the final settling in session the child will be invited to join us over a meal time, this allows the child to become familiar with the mealtime routine at nursery and gives them the opportunity to enjoy dinner with us before they start.